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2 Month Knight's Schedule

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Two Month Calendar

Date/Time - - - - - - - - - - Event/Program - - - - - - - - - - - - Place/Location

Oct. 9th, Sunday, 11am - - - - - Respect Life Mass - - - - - - - - - - St. Joseph Cathedral, Hartford
Oct. 16th, Sunday, 1 pm - - - - - Formation & Knighthood Degrees* - - - St. Edward’s, New Fairfield
Oct. 22, Saturday, 8am-5pm - - - CT Catholic Men’s Conference - - - - Goodwin College, East Hartford
Oct. 23, Sunday, 1 pm - - - - - - Formation & Knighthood Degrees*- - - -St, Rita’s, Hamden
Oct. 29, Saturday, 4pm - - - - - Family Icon Mass - - - - - - - - - - St. Joseph Cathedral, Hartford
Nov. 5, Saturday, 6 pm - - - - - Star Council Awards and Reception - - K of C Museum, New Haven
Nov. 6, Sunday, 1pm - - - - - - - 4th Degree Exemplification - - - - - St. Joseph Church N. Grovesnordale
Nov.12, Saturday, Noon - - - - - Soccer Challenge State Finals - - - - Recreation Park Field, Plantsville
Nov, 12, Saturday, 5 pm - - - - - Silver Rose Reception & Mass - - - - All Hallows Church, Moosup

Future Events to Mark on Your Calendar

Dec. 3-4, Sat-Sun - District Deputy Winter Seminar - Stamford Marriott

Jan 15, Sunday, 10am - Pro Life & Baby Shower - St.
McGivney Award & Banquet - Aqua-Turf Club, Plantsville
(Our Honoree will be Peter Balestracci, PSD, PDM, PVSM, FSW)

May 5-7, Friday-Sunday - CT State Convention - Farmington Marriott
* Details also available on State Council Website at: ctstatecouncil.org

Degree Goals

Our primary goal for this year is to have one admission degree per district per month.
Thus far in this fraternal year, we’ve shown the poorest recruitment results in the last
seven years. Brothers, we must step up our efforts and recruit in order to maintain
healthy and vibrant Councils. October has been designated as an Order Wide
Membership drive month. It’s not too late. Now is the time to contact your Pastors and
Chaplains to schedule a date and time for the drives.

Ask your field agent or district Deputy to help in the process. As soon as you have
scheduled a drive, Supplies should be ordered from Supreme.
Please feel free to contact your membership team for assistance.

Geno Tilley Jr. at H-860-674-1142, C-860-202-4166 or his email

Program Director

The following on-going programs should be promoted:
McGivney Guild, Family of the month, and RSVP programs.

Councils wishing to participate in Coats for Kids need to order coats ASAP.

Councils need to promote Vocation Poster, Substance Abuse
and Keep Christ in Christmas poster contests.
Note: For any additional information on these or any other programs

Contact Program Director:

Dennis Lisee at 860-908-0644 or program.director@ctstateconcil.org.

State Deputy Message

We currently have 160 Councils that have not yet recruited
a new member this fraternal year.

The State and Supreme Councils have programs that appeal
to all members and their families.

It is the responsibility of the Grand Knight
to promote them and attract new members at the same time.

Chaplains Message

Last month you received our first monthly newsletter - Volume 1 – Issue 1.
It was brief and really packed with important information especially for
District Deputies and Grand Knights.
I hope this spiritual message will inspire you to look forward to the newsletters
and to commit yourselves even more to the challenging ministry of being a
Knight of Columbus and building up and strengthening the Councils
and Assemblies statewide witnessing publicly the Catholic Faith.

No matter how long you have been a Knight of Columbus,
the stresses in our world can tempt you to think that you are
not prepared to accomplish everything demanded of you.
It is easy to excuse oneself from many K of C events.
Family demands, job related responsibilities, and the many tasks,
programs, and events called to your attention in the newsletter can
lead you to discouragement.

Living Rosaries, family commitments, DD Seminars, visiting various Councils,
“I can’t do all this?” one might say to oneself. I am reminded of the disciples of
Jesus who felt so incompetent and afraid as they walked with him and watched
all that he was doing. They thought that they couldn't help people like Jesus
was helping them. So, they ask him to increase their faith so they could be more like him.
He looked at them and told them that they don't need more faith;
they just need to use the faith they already have. He explained that a
tiny little bit of faith; the size of a mustard seed,
was enough to do everything he wanted them to do.

We are like those first disciples. We can be timid and frustrated
by the tasks ahead of us. Remember now, God has already given us
everything we need be good husbands and fathers, to do our everyday jobs,
and to be strong and faithful Knights of Columbus able to participate and
achieve what God has planned for us to do. You must believe in God’s individual
love for you; you must believe that he has called you to be a disciple.
He has planted the seeds of faith, of divine life in you. Now it's up to you to exercise it.
When you do, the faith will grow and the more it grows, the more room God
will have to do truly wonderful things through you. God has given you all you need!
God has plans for you as an individual and God has plans for the Knights of Columbus.

You are part of His plan! It is not too good to be true. It is true! Each of you
is part of God’s plan, every single day. He never takes His eyes off you.
He needs you to become evangelizers, with Him and for Him, in a world that
needs immense hope. God sends you into the world. Believe this.

Trust in Him.

You can do the job Jesus needs you to do! Jesus said so! Jesus is counting on you.

Vivat Jesus.

Msgr. J. Peter Cullen - Connecticut State Chaplain

St. Joseph Cathedral Restoration Project

Archbishop Blair has initiated the Hartford Bishop’s Foundation
to fund the restoration and lighting of the Cathedral Tower.
When completed - it will be visible from both I-84 and I-91
and be known as the “Knights Tower”. The Foundation has asked the
Knights in Connecticut to join together and fund the project by
promoting the $1 a month per member campaign.
How this will work, is that each Council will pass a resolution authorizing
the Financial Secretary to add a $12 voluntary contribution line to the
annual billing invoice to each member.
As the contributions are received, they are to be sent to the
State Secretary made payable to Columbian Charities of CT, Inc.
Columbian Charities will, on a monthly basis, forward the funds collected
to the Hartford Bishop’s Foundation for the specific purpose of restoring
and, eventually, lighting the tower.
This is a Statewide project in as much as St. Joseph is the Mother Church
of Connecticut. The estimated cost of this project will be $1,000,000 spend
over the next few years. It is the desire of the Connecticut State Council
that all Councils participate in this voluntary effort.
Let’s show the hierarchy in Connecticut that “we really do care”.
Just remember, This is a voluntary - No Obligation program, on the part
of Councils. You commit to donate only what you collect and not a cent more.

Any questions on how to proceed should be directed to
State Deputy - John Macari at state.deputy@ctstatecouncil.org.

Member incentives are as follows

Recruit 1st member – receive $1,000 VIP points,
Recruit a 2nd Member – receive an additional 1,000 VIP points,
Recruit 3rd members - $25 gift card,
Recruit 5 members - $50 gift card,
Recruit 10 members - $100 gift card,
Recruit 20 members - $100 gift card
PLUS a VIP Recruiter golf shirt.

Field Agent Reward

The Field Agent that reactivates the most
inactive insurance members will be
awarded $500 from the State Council.

CT State Council Incentives

The Council with the highest percentage of net increase in membership
will receive $500 with second place receiving $375, and third place receiving $250.
The Council with the highest number of net increase will also be awarded
a same prize structure.
Councils qualifying for more than one prize will only receive
the highest prize level achieved.

1st Degrees

Beginning in Jan. 2017

2nd & 3rd Degrees

Beginning in Jan. 2017

4th Degree Exemplification

Beginning in Jan. 2017